Sunday, 1 June 2008

QT Table

The Liberty brief called for a contemporary piece of furniture which expressed Liberty values. I have always loved working with wood and wanted to experiment with turning in the hope of developing more contemporary designs. My original concept (1 of 7) was based on this idea.
I did lots of turning experiments, which were great fun and some really interesting interactions between the stripes and the profiles were discovered.

I developed the design using a combination of foam/card modelling and 3D modelling in Rhino where I could try out lots of iterations quicker and cheaper than using real wood.
In the final construction I was keen to show the construction by open-ended wedged tenon joints for the legs. The top is veneered with wood-lipping around particleboard since this prevents the top from warping.

This is the end of the process. The final coffee table design. I will be presenting the design to Liberty on the 2nd of July. Hopefully they'll like it and want to sell it in their store. As well as preparing a technical manufacturing package I have also made a full size detail which shows the beauty of the process of turning and the wood off to its full advantage.

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